Kimberly Rau and Associates Inc. is a group of Canadian Certified Pedorthists who are the designers, fabricators, and providers of premium quality custom foot orthotics.  Our handcrafted foot orthotics are not only highly effective, but of the highest quality and the best-fitting in Canada.

Led by one of the most experienced pedorthists in Canada, our team combines vast experience with modern theories and technologies to provide the best possible orthotic therapy. Our patients experience pain relief for even the most complex foot and lower limb conditions, allowing them to enjoy an active lifestyle.

We provide a comprehensive personalized assessment to determine your foot-care needs and an appropriate treatment plan. Your personalized treatment plan may also include activity modification, exercises, referral to another professional, or a change in footwear.  If custom foot orthotics are indicated for you, we will cast your foot, fabricate the foot orthotics, fit and modify the foot orthotics as needed onsite. We also advise on appropriate footwear selection based on your foot structure, work and daily needs. Complete comfort is imperative for proper function and effectiveness, so follow up visits for one full year are covered under the original cost of the devices.  This allows for additional onsite modifications if needed and provides the opportunity for further assessment or discussion where indicated.  In addition, we stock many other assisted devices useful in addressing foot issues.

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