At Kimberly Rau & Associates Inc. we are happy to provide a comprehensive personalized assessment to determine your foot-care needs and provide and appropriate treatment plan. If custom foot orthotics are indicated, as the designers, fabricators and providers of the highest quality, effective and best-fitting custom foot orthotics in Canada, we will fit you with a comfortable, premium hand-crafted product.

Our team of Canadian Certified Pedorthists bring a unique approach to your foot-care, custom foot orthotic and footwear needs.   We provide a very thorough clinical assessment, biomechanical examination and gait analysis, develop a treatment plan,  and design, hand-craft, fit and modify all of our custom foot orthotics.  Our training, experience, expertise and knowledge as well as our ability to perform onsite modifications ensures optimum comfort and effectiveness  for quicker results and faster relief of pain.

Goal of Foot Orthotics

Our custom foot orthotics are custom-made meaning they are specialized, individualized and unique for you to help alter the biomechanics of the foot and lower limb, redistribute pressure and/or provide cushioning. These custom foot orthotics should reduce pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, the use of custom foot orthotics cannot always guarantee 100% relief of your symptoms, however, they should improve your comfort. It is important that you understand and comply with all of the recommendations provided by your Pedorthist including additional complementary therapies (e.g. physiotherapy, stretches, activity modifications, footwear etc.) to assure 100% satisfaction.

Foot Orthotic – Break-in Period

Our custom foot orthotics provide immediate comfort and relief for many of our clients, however, in some cases adjustment to this new posture can take up to three weeks.  The more you wear the custom foot orthotics, the better they should feel. If after three weeks, they are still not completely comfortable, they may need to be adjusted by your Pedorthist. Please schedule a follow up appointment.  It is also important to note that the injury and tissue damage itself may take 8-10 weeks  to heal (or longer is some cases) so you may continue to have discomfort during this healing.  The custom foot orthotic should provide relief during this recovery period meaning you should feel better wearing them than not.

Foot Orthotic Care

Most of our custom foot orthotics can be washed by hand with a mild dish detergent and warm water. They should be left to air dry afterwards. Do not place near a heat source. If your shoes get wet, the orthotics should be removed to allow both to dry.

Foot Orthotic Longevity

Custom-made foot orthotics can last anywhere from 3-5 years (and sometimes longer), however there are a lot of variables that affect their life span. These include: weight, foot type, lower limb mechanics, demands of activity and work environment, and quality of footwear.  Trauma, growth or changes in the foot due to progressive degenerative conditions can require modification or complete replace of custom foot orthotics.  Over time, the topcover may become worn or peel back or the base may become compressed and imbalanced.  Modifications and rebalancing may restore the custom foot orthotic closer to it’s original state.

Your Pedorthist has chosen the most appropriate orthotic to suit your medical, footwear and lifestyle needs.  If you think your orthotics are in need of repair or replacement, or if you are experiencing any recurring symptoms or a new injury to the lower limb or feet, you should contact us today to ensure the orthotic is functioning optimally.

Additional Pairs of Foot Orthotics

Many individuals who wear custom foot orthotics find them indispensable and prefer to have more than one set.  Owning multiple pairs reduces the need to shuffle the orthotic among your numerous footwear and reduces the risk of forgetting to wear them for necessary activities. It also allows us to design lower profile devices with greater versatility for dress shoe wear.

Schedule a personalized assessment to determine your foot-care needs.